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We believe in operating with only well proven and sound technology principles, but continue to focus on improvement and innovation to increase all round performance and customer satisfaction.

Agricultural Operation GPS and software

All our helicopters used for agricultural work have GPS systems fitted. GPS ensures accurate placement of chemicals and fertilisers on land by providing flight lines to follow and hectares treated. GPS flight lines can be provided upon request, after the completion of a job.


Rotor Work Limited also uses the online TracMap Cloud-based system which allows clients to import or draw farm boundaries, add in farm hazards and buffer zones. The client is then able to select the map and mark out areas they wish to treat and forward it to their preferred applicator, as well as their neighbours, as a spray plan as part of their notification requirement. The job is then uploaded to the aircraft GPS and the requested treated area flown and sent back to Tracmap for proof of placement.

Spray Nozzle

Rotor Work Limited always selects the best nozzle type configuration that gives the best micron range for effective coverage and drift control for each individual job depending on risk assessment and job quality requirements. We do not simply use coarse anti-drift nozzles. We have a wide range of nozzles for different types of spraying, including air induction nozzles for high micron range with low drift, through to needle type low-micron Accuflo anti-drift nozzles for forestry and sensitive areas.

Commercial Operation GPS

All our helicopters used for commercial work have satellite GPS and SOS alert systems installed. GPS ensures all flights are followed, or way points marked. In the unlikely event of an emergency, an SOS can be sent out via satellite which alerts flight-following staff to action an emergency response plan. 

Cloud-based SMS and Quality Assurance system

Rotor Work Limited operates a Cloud-based Safety Management System that staff and clients can check compliance dates on, review hazard registers, view H&S policies and enter occurrence reports on. This is an active system within the company, not just a manual on the shelf.

Fleetlink Communication

All ground-based trucks are fitted with fleetlink communication systems allowing vehicles to communicate with each other throughout the North Island; for safety, staff always have access to a phone in remote areas.

Ground-to-air Communication

Ground crews have ground-to-air communications, ensuring flight crew and ground crew are in contact at all times.


Most equipment is designed and built in-house to do the job in the safest, most economical way. We are industry leaders in equipment development; we are problem-solvers and have designed systems or equipment to do a number of jobs from grinding urea to applying high rates of fine lime, through to working with manufacturers to improve equipment design.

Want to use the right equipment for the job?