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Drones, UAV and Light Aircraft (Forestry)

Drones, UAV and Light Aircraft

Rotor Work Limited can help you out with solutions for spraying small sensitive areas by providing expert advice on the best equipment for your job. We have access to both drones and light aircraft to perform the trickiest tasks in an environmentally responsible manner. Drones are used for extremely small jobs in sensitive areas requiring light water rates and can only be operated in line of sight. Light aircraft with specialised equipment fitted are used for small jobs where line of sight is not possible and for higher water rate spraying. 

Talk to us for the best solution for your problem areas.

  • Ground preparation for planting
  • Release spraying of planting
  • Spot spraying
  • Riparian weed control
  • Drain line spraying
  • Small sensitive area spraying
  • Surveying
  • Seeding