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Our Safety Management System is so much more than just another manual on a shelf, that’s why we call it Safety Management System Plus (SMS+).

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Although the company had operated for 35 years with safety at its forefront, in 2015 the company invested heavily in building a simple-to-use and effective cloud-based Safety Management System, so all bases could access compliance reports and up-to-date safety critical data from any location. The Safety Management System has been interwoven throughout all aspects of company operations and locations, including general compliance, Quality assurance and environmental responsibilities.  At Rotor Work Limited, we refer to it as SMS+.

CAA Part 100 Certification was achieved in January 2020.  CAA recognised our industry-leading procedures and practices within our SMS+ and commended our safety culture, innovation, and training of all our staff while placing value on staff input and involvement within our SMS+. We are committed to providing the latest and safest practices available, incorporating our core values at the heart of all that encompasses safety. Our SMS+ is always a work in progress – meaning we continuously strive to keep up to date with the changing world and environment in which we operate.

Our SMS+ is made up of the following elements that work in a continuous cycle:

  1. Policies and accountability
  2. Coordinated emergency response planning (ERP)
  3. Development, control and maintenance of management documentation
  4. Hazard identification
  5. Risk management
  6. Investigation
  7. Monitoring and measuring performance
  8. Management of change
  9. Continuous improvement of the SMS
  10. Internal audit programme
  11. Management review
  12. Training and competence
  13. Communication of critical information
  14. Quality assurance

The cloud-based SMS+ allows all staff and customers to be actively involved with SMS+ and control compliance and quality assurance. Compliance reports are able to quickly be generated showing alert actions taken and status.

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