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Farm Mapping

Farm Mapping

Rotor Work Ltd, through the use of Tracmap, can either generate new or import farm maps from other providers.  The benefit of using Tracmap is for a number of reasons.  You can book a job online through your Tracmap portal, job planning, create spray planning, and retain proof of placement information on any application for the purpose of farm environmental plans.

Using Tracmap is an easy way for clients to ensure ongoing compliance with regulations.

  • Farm mapping
  • Environmental plans
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to use
  • Stores all your past history
  • Farm map

How Tracmap works

  • Login to Tracmap using the password supplied by Rotor Work Ltd
  • If appropriate, check your previous application history
  • Use Google Earth, or your farm map to outline the blocks to be treated
  • Click “Submit Order”
  • Rotor Work then forwards the map to the helicopter who uses it to go to and treat the correct areas
  • When the job is finished, you get sent a coverage map