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Multiple operating certificates means we can undertake a large range of services.

Rotor Work Limited holds the following operating certificates and can perform the privileges of these certificates across the whole of the North Island.

General Transport Licences and Certificates held in-house:

  • Transport service licence (allows the holder to operate trucks for hire and reward).

Company CAA Certificates held:

  • Certified CAA Rule Part 100 (Safety Management System).
    This is an all-encompassing Safety Management System that controls the safety aspect of all the company certificates held.
  • Certified CAA Rule Part 135 (Air transport, Charter Commercial Transport).
    The certificate holder is permitted to operate only aircraft stated on its certificate specifications. The aircraft are operated in accordance with the certificate holder’s CAA approved operation and aircraft maintenance manual for the purpose of air transport of people for hire or reward.
  • Certified CAA Rule Part 137 (Agricultural Operations).
    The holder is permitted to operate aircraft stated on its certificate specification on agricultural operations for hire or reward.
  • The Company is also Approved under CAA Rule Parts 91 and 133 (aerial work, survey, lifting, pest control, firefighting).
    This allows an aircraft owner to operate an aircraft on general flights, and perform sling loads for hire and reward.

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