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It doesn’t get any more real than this without leaving the ground…

This helicopter flight simulator has been made out of a real company aircraft that operated commercially for over 20 years flying thousands of hours based out of the King Country. It has performed deer recovery, survey, forestry, agriculture, lifting and flight training work while being flown by the company founder and former Chief Pilot, Ben Dellow.

Now it’s your turn to take the controls…

This helicopter flight simulator is the perfect way for people, young and old, to experience helicopter flying without the costs. It utilises real aircraft airframe and controls, making it an ultra-realistic simulator.

Helicopter Flight Simulator

The simulator is a real Hughes 269C helicopter airframe fitted with dual controls, modified to run X-plane 12 with both a flat screen and VR headset for visual reference hook work. A number of different helicopter types are available to choose from.

Shared Session

For each time slot you can share the session with multiple people. As a general rule you allow 20-30 min per person, but it can be as low as 10 min for people who just want a quick go.


All sessions come with an instructor who operates the simulator software and dual controls in the simulator. They will assess your skill level starting and accommodate you to learn how to fly a helicopter correctly so you can enjoy the experience versus being thrown in the deep end and not enjoying it.

The instructor will talk you through the controls and what they do. The instructor will introduce you to the controls one by one giving you exercises to do to hone your skills. For more advanced people, the instructor will oversee the correct operation and/or allow you to instruct another friend or family member.

Trial Flight through to Advanced

Our simulator is perfect for those of any age and skill level wanting to experience helicopter flying for themselves. From initial introduction through to advanced vertical reference work, your skill levels will be tested.


For beginners it will be all about mastering their skills and basic hover patterns and circuits.

As people advance you can perform vertical reference work activities with the VR headset such as spraying, lifting, fire fighting, etc.


Children from as young as 6 can have a go with the cyclic, but are a bit small to reach all the controls. People aged 10 and up can easily reach all the controls and with instruction will soon learn to operate all the controls.


We generally operate from the location of the simulator, so people can look around the local area and/or do a scenic flight as part of the experience.

When people are more advanced they can choose to operate at any location around the world.

Opening hours

8:00am to 12:00pm, all days as required.
1:00pm to 5:00pm, all days as required.


Te Awamutu Kihikihi Main Base


$100 per time slot comprising of an hour starting and finishing on the hour including payment, instructions and set up.


Eftpos and credit card available on site.


Email to book your time slot NOW!


View New Zealand from above!