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The history of Rotor Work, starting in 1980


Rotor Work Limited began operations in November 1980, from Rotorua, New Zealand, with a single Hughes 300 helicopter.

Established by Cathy and Ben Dellow, Craig Goddard, and Ian Leaf, in the early years, Rotor Work Limited specialised in aerial live deer capture. Business was made especially hard when an unforeseen event resulted in the loss of the first and only helicopter within the first six months of business.

Subsequently, the Rotorua family home was sold and the funds used to purchase another Hughes 300 helicopter, along with a move to the King Country to start again. Deer recovery was the sole income earner for the company until the late 1980s, when it ventured into agricultural work. Over the next 20 years, Rotor Work continued to train pilots and create new bases throughout the North Island, specialising in agricultural work.

Today Rotor Work - still run by Cathy and Ben Dellow - offers a range of helicopter services with many types of helicopters, and is one of the largest privately owned helicopter companies in the North Island; a testament that perseverance, hard work and sacrifice pays off.

Congratulations on taking Rotorwork to another level. Hope it all goes well. We have used your company for a long time, I think since around 1990 or thereabouts. Ben and Cathy might have a better idea. All I know now is I look at the big hill across the road from our house and remember all the hours, time and money gone in to spraying the gorse and barberry and rubbish to get it to where it is today. A job we couldn't have done without the use of your helicopter. That says nothing for the fertiliser work that has been done on our farm that we couldn't get the trucks on due to contour. All the best.

- Beverley Harris