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Fertiliser Application (Agriculture)

Fertiliser Application

Take advantage of the slower application speed, accuracy and spread of the helicopter. We are not affected by wet airstrips and can work on-site from races to tanker turn-arounds and paddocks, if conditions allow.

Rotor Work has its own trucks and trailers to collect fertiliser for clients in bulk; we can apply all types of fertiliser at many different rates per hectare, at rates that are a lot more cost effective than you may think. Simply provide us with an order number, and we look after the rest.

  • Urea / Sustain
  • SOA / Ammo 
  • DAP
  • Bulk Super Phosphate
  • Granulated Lime
  • Bulk AgLime
  • Bulk Aerial Lime
  • Trace Elements & more
  • Biological mixes
  • Accuracy
  • Osh safe
  • No air-strip
  • Damage to crops
  • Ground spreaders can crush 10-15%
  • More fertiliser where wanted
  • Money in your pocket
  • Timing is everything
  • Placement and accountability