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Aerial Spraying (Agriculture)

Aerial Spraying

Aerial spraying is a cost effective method of spraying farmland quickly and safely. With a diverse fleet of helicopter types, both big and small, we are able to provide a cost effective solution for each individual job type for clients.  This enables us to spray large blocks to individual paddocks. We conduct all types of spraying (please refer to the list below).

Rotor Work carries out all types of spraying, from insecticides to liquid fertilisers, herbicides and more:

  • Spot spraying
  • Boom spraying
  • Wand spraying 
  • Pasture spraying
  • Insecticide spraying
  • Fungicide spraying 
  • Post emergent spraying
  • Growth promotant spraying
  • Round-up spraying
  • Crop spraying 
  • Facial eczema spraying 
  • Brush weed spraying 
  • Liquid fertiliser spraying