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Helicopter tour

Flight Details

Tour Points: Hamilton, Waikato Coast, Raglan, Aotea, Kawhia
Duration: Approx. 1 Hour
Groups: Min 1 Max 5 (Maximum 500kgs)
Airport: Rotor Work Base Kihikihi


Leaving and returning from the main Rotor Work Base in Kihikihi, this rugged landscape Coastal Tour is of significant historical importance.

Fly over an extensive flat basin with the city of Hamilton in view followed by stunning farmland. From there you will head to three large sea inlets of the Waikato Coast starting at Raglan Harbour with its volcanic black sandy beaches.  Raglan Harbour has 15 significant rivers and streams running into the Harbour.

North of the harbour there are extensive sand dunes and dune dammed lakes. Spot the world renowned surfing spots from the air, before embarking over the charming township of Raglan.  From there you will fly South down the rugged west coastline to Aotea Harbour, just north of Kawhia, this is the smallest of the three large inlets and is a drowned valley system.  Lastly you will fly down to and over the beautiful unspoilt Kawhia Harbour, the largest of the three inlets.

These memories will last a lifetime!

Price: $2900 including GST

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