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Suspension Fertilisers (Agriculture)

Suspension Fertiliser

Suspension fertiliser offers a great alternative to conventional fertiliser due to the fact that you take standard granulated fertiliser and grind it up into fine particles. This results in greater efficiency with reduced rates.

  • Fine lime carted and applied at desired rates 

Ultra fine lime at low application rates work by a theory called surface area volume ratio. Based on science and physics, as a lime particle gets bigger, it has most of its mass on the inside of the surface area, therefore the bulk of the lime particle mass is not in contact with the soil at all to make a soil pH change. As fine lime particles get smaller, the majority of its mass is on the outside surface and is in contact with the soil to better affect a soil pH change. Applying fine lime is used when a fast response is required or to stimulate biology or as a yearly maintenance dressing.

  • Biological stimulating mixes, mixed, carted and applied 

Biological stimulating mixes are made up of fine lime, a carbon source, minerals and is then sprayed on to pastures at light rates. Its purpose is to supply the pasture a calcium, carbon and mineral source to increase the brix level in the plant and increase the plant's rate of photosynthesis. This causes the plant to sequest more CO2 and produce more carbohydrates which it sends to its roots to feed soil biology. In return, soil biology multiply and extend out further into the soil, effectively giving the plants more root surface area while absorbing nutrients from the soil, and giving them back to the plant. This promotes better palatability producing better grazing patterns and higher ME pasture meaning your stock eat more nutrient balanced pasture.

  • DAP and Urea slurry mixes, mixed, carted and applied 

Rotor Work was one of the first companies to apply DAP slurry around 20 years ago. We have always maintained that some of the best results for the cost of slurry application were at low rates per/ha. In a changing world, applying fertiliser in a slurry form is becoming more acceptable due to the responses seen from other sprayed-on products like ProGibb, ecoN, Liquid Urea. With the rising cost of fertiliser and environmental pressures, ‘slurries’ are once again a good option: little and often is the key. Slurry is used when the fertiliser budget is too small to afford a full fertiliser programme, as a boost to a fertiliser programme, or an addition to a spray programme.

  • Animal and soil health minerals mixed, carted and applied 

Micro-nutrient deficiencies have been known to cause a number of animal health problems. Through the use of soil and herbage tests, a number of products can be added to help balance nutrient deficiencies. We work with farmers, product tech reps, and/or independent consultants skilled in the use of nutrient balancing, to balance your farms needs.

Suspension Fertiliser