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Helicopter tour

Flight Details

Tour Points: Waikato River,  Lake Karapiro, Arapuni, Waipapa, 
Maraetai, and Whakamaru. 
Duration: Approx. 54 Min
Groups: Min 1 Max 5 (Maximum 500kgs)
Airport: Rotor Work Base Kihikihi


Leaving and returning from the main Rotor Work Base in Kihikihi, the Waikato River Tour is an unforgettable experience.  The Waikato River is the longest river in New Zealand, at 425 kilometres long.  Explore from the air the five Waikato River Trails, all walkways or cycleways along the Waikato River – Lake Karapiro, Arapuni, Waipapa, Maraetai, and Whakamaru.  This scenic flight will fly over exotic and native forest, wetlands, as well as recreation reserves. You will see sites from the air such as the hydropower stations and dams, suspension bridges, expansive river and lake landscapes as well as riverside villages.  After seeing these incredible sites from the air, you may be inspired to walk or cycle the trails. This scenic flight is a wonderful snapshot of some of New Zealand’s outstanding scenery. 

Price: $2610 including GST

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