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Helicopter tour

Flight Details

Tour Points: Mt Pirongia, Pirongia Forest Park, Possibly Mt Taraniki summit and Mt Ruapehu summit. Kawhia and Raglan.
Duration: Approx. 25 min
Groups: Min 1 Max 5 (Maximum 500kgs)
Airport: Rotor Work Base Kihikihi


Leaving and returning from the main Rotor Work Base in Kihikihi, the Mount Pirongia Tour is an amazing scenic route. Mount Pirongia is the tallest mountain in the Waikato area.  It is located 22 kilometres to the west of Te Awamutu and eight kilometres from the small settlement of Pirongia, and lies in the Pirongia Forest Park

From the air you will see a huge variety of native trees and bush and on a clear day there is the possibility of spotting the summits of Mount Taranaki and Mount Ruapehu. On the west side you will see the beautiful Kawhia and Raglan harbours. Mt Pirongia has many interesting and varied peaks formed by successive volcanic eruptions 2 and a half million years ago. 

This rugged landscape is a picture of pre-historic New Zealand and to view this from the air is an incredible experience.  The scenery is forever changing due to the unique weather pattern and changing light. 

Price: $1160 including GST

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